Offering Cafe Franchise in India Melt House is a gourmet paradise that honors the craft of cooking. Melt House is a place that satisfies cravings and promotes health and taste buds

Offering Healthy Food Restaurant Franchise in India Parafit has been the leader in healthy meal delivery space with 6+ years and 70+ team including in house dieticians who help people achieve

Offering Cafe Franchise in India QD is a beautiful cafe franchise to visit, with low rates and excellent service. Price-wise, it's fair, given the number of meals. It is a great

Offering Cafe Franchise in India Offering Bar Franchise in India If you’re looking for a “Cocktail cafe bar” that not only has mouth-watering food and cocktails but also an ambience that looks

Offering Shawarma Franchise in India The idea of developing a premium casual restaurant chain that provides value-added, nutritious, and wholesome meals to the masses all over the world was sparked by

Offering Tea Franchise in India Started by a DCE-IIM Alumunus, Teavaro is a modern tea shop that is revolutionizing the way people think about their daily cup of tea. The inception

Pizza Joint Franchise Offering Pizza Joint Franchise in India The mission of Paparizza Hospitality is to become a one-stop shop for the premium Pizza & Bar experience, with the goal of providing

Offering Vegetarian Restaurant Franchise in India Indus Flavour combines age-old tastefulness with a dash of new age experimental cuisine. All while keeping in mind the changing needs of the modern Indian

Offering Italian Cafe Franchise in India Alberto and Cristiano's love of gourmet coffee and desire to offer opulent and unique coffee shop experiences around the globe gave birth to C House

Offering Restaurant Franchise in India In order to honour the culinary legacy of Kundan Lal Jaggi and the tenacity and inventiveness of the Punjabi refugees who migrated to Delhi after the

Offering Cafe Franchise in India Coffee Culture "The Ristorante Lounge", recognised as Emerging Cafe Chain Of The Year, has over 21 locations nationwide and is a resounding success. With their creative

Offering Healthy Food Franchise in India By serving healthy food that is HEALTHY, FRESH, and TASTY, Nutriobox, a F&B enterprise that aspires to simplify healthy living for people through its goods

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