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Franchise Requirements

Franchise Model:
Area Required:
2000-2500 sq ft
Area For Expansion:
PAN India
Min. Investment:
INR 1.8 Cr
Max. Investment:
INR 2.2 Cr

About The Company

Offering Restaurant Franchise in India

In order to honour the culinary legacy of Kundan Lal Jaggi and the tenacity and inventiveness of the Punjabi refugees who migrated to Delhi after the partition of India in 1947, the North Indian cuisine restaurant Daryaganj – By the Inventors of Butter Chicken and Dal Makhani was conceptualised. It combines traditional flavours and closely guarded recipes with the most talented and creative team to produce a top-notch dining experience reminiscent of the era. This is a restaurant for the twenty-first century where people from diverse origins and with varied interests may mingle, whether they are families, business people, travellers, or expats searching for an inexpensive way to eat outstanding Punjabi food. By upholding aesthetics, insuring that the food is of a high standard, and demonstrating that great dining can be affordable, Daryaganj has preserved the legacy. The restaurant has been meticulously designed with great attention to detail, evoking all five of the senses of the human body with a seamless fusion of the past and present.

Dining at 5 Senses by Daryaganj

Sense of Taste – Unique, strong flavours made with top-notch ingredients.

The finest materials that can be touched are used in the restaurant’s sense of touch.

Sense of Sight is a stylish modern film set in a classic environment.

Sense of Smell: A distinctive scent created with a fusion of modern and Indian components.

Sense of Sound: Soulful, unplugged renditions of time-honored songs by contemporary singers.

Classic food with bold flavours and a rich history is the specialty at Daryaganj. The deftness of an adept touch is evident in the exquisite platters of kebabs, butter chicken, and dal makhani, which deliver classic accents while ensuring that every component sings. The delicacies on the menu transcend time, transporting diners back to the narrow streets of Daryaganj in the twentieth century and captivating them with the traditional flavours that have been enjoyed for generations. Fresh, hand-selected ingredients are used in the cooking process, and a variety of succulent meats, fish, and vegetables are grilled in the tandoor to perfection. It is a celebration of post-independence North Indian flavours made alive with regional ingredients. The texture of the dish consistently wins because it is created with premium ingredients that meet the same standards as those of the time and is prepared according to family recipes that have been passed down through the centuries while remaining faithful to the Jaggi family’s origins. The recipes have been recreated while maintaining their Punjabi heritage to be as near to Kundan Lal’s original servings as possible. Recovering forgotten flavours from the palette is the goal. As “The Original 1947 Butter Chicken” and “The Original 1947 Dal Makhani,” the hallmark dishes are identified as being originals from 1947. A few innovative new meals have also been added to the menu. Enjoy the thought of digging into a handmade kulfi from the live counter. The crackling kulfi was in high demand around the country, and Daryaganj has done a really great job of fusing traditional methods with contemporary ingredients. One of the top restaurant franchise serving North Indian cuisine in India is Daryaganj because it challenges preconceived notions about the cuisine.


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