Indus Flavour

Indus Flavour

Franchise Requirements

Franchise Model:
Area Required:
2000-5000 sq ft
Area For Expansion:
PAN India
Min. Investment:
INR 1.3 Cr
Max. Investment:
INR 2.5 Cr

About The Company

Offering Vegetarian Restaurant Franchise in India

Indus Flavour combines age-old tastefulness with a dash of new age experimental cuisine. All while keeping in mind the changing needs of the modern Indian diner and the absolute necessity of providing a “Eating Out” experience. With these considerations in mind, Indus Flavour was created. We believe that two equally important aspects of our mission are providing outstanding comfort food and presenting it in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Indus Flavour has been dedicated to making your very personal experience with North Indian food into something you can’t help but fall in love with since its inception in 2011. Piyush Agarwal and Sumit Agarwal are third generation business owners with extensive roots in family enterprises in both Rajasthan and Assam. The company was founded by the Agarwal brothers. Piyush Agarwal has an MBA, and Sumit Agarwal is a chartered accountant. In order for the two of them to leave their individual imprint in the nation’s capital city, they decided to launch Indus Flavour.

For nearly a decade, Indus Flavour has been successful in carving out a niche for itself and capturing the attention of customers in North Delhi as the place to go for specialty vegetarian North Indian cuisine. Indus Flavour has created three distinct brands, one for the dining, delivery, and catering markets, all with the same goal in mind. Indus Flavour’s dining area is dubbed the “Proudly Vegetarian” in its tagline. The menu is primarily Indian, but it also includes fusion cuisine and modern takes on traditional Indian dishes to appeal to both young and old customers. The Indus Flavour Express Delivery Unit in North Delhi is the first of its kind to have its own delivery app. The company also uses packaging that is completely eco-friendly and free of frustration, all with the goal of providing an elegant packaging experience to our loyal customers.

Indus Flavour’s catering division is known as Raas Gourmet Catering. Within this division, we have established ourselves as the go-to specialists for small gatherings ranging in size from 20 to 200 guests. Indus Flavour currently attracts customers from a wide range of demographics. It is especially popular among young people and families. It is popular among students who are hungry after school or college and looking for somewhere to eat because of its reasonable prices. People in their twenties and thirties who want to unwind after work in a laid-back and unpretentious environment are also known to frequent Indus Flavour. As a result, it has become the most popular vegetarian restaurant franchise in India.





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