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Founder Story: Teavaro – A Modern Tea Franchise

Teavaro (tea franchise) is a contemporary teahouse established on the QSR approach, and it has been highly strategic and focused on what it serves. Ayush Goel (founder) wants to market teas with various flavors tailored to the market’s interests and bring the idea of tea baristas and tea art to young people in India. Teavaro intends to offer its clients the most remarkable and fascinating things. Its main selling point is that it provides the ideal fusion of exquisite aesthetics with everyday recipes made with unique components. 


The professionalism of Teavaro, a Tea Franchise Founder

I have experience in both engineering and business before founding Teavaro. After receiving my engineering degree from Delhi Technological University in 2016, I attended the Indian Institute of Management in Shillong from 2018 to 2020 to get my MBA. Additionally, I had prior expertise, having founded an event management firm while still in college and working as a product manager at Grohe India before establishing Teavaro. I founded the company intending to open a distinctive and cutting-edge tea shop that would serve tea with designs inspired by various global locations. 


The inspiration behind the concept of a brewery

A personal encounter while visiting Canada in 2019 inspired the creation of a company like Teavaro. I discovered that if cold coffee could be successful in India, why not cold teas after sampling bubble tea for the first time and being addicted to the beverage? When I returned to India, I observed a shortage of high-quality bubble tea brands and saw a chance to provide something fresh and original to the market. Through trial and error, I collected tea samples and components worldwide. I realized it was crucial to develop something distinctive and significantly different from all other tea brands now in use. That is when the notion of building a worldwide brewhouse first surfaced. 

Tea Franchise

Moment of transition in Teavaro’s journey

Building a successful cafe company involves several factors, according to the brand, including the development of aesthetically pleasing experiences and their promotion on social media sites like Instagram. For instance, tea shots are offered individually with one kind of beverage. Consumers are free to mix them according to their preferences, exactly like they would with an espresso shot. One may make an endless number of combos with the various colored toppings since they are incredibly Instagrammable.

We think it is essential for a cafe to have an active social media presence and to be able to design an Instagrammable setting since it aids in bringing in customers, boosting brand recognition, and boosting sales. It also aids in developing a distinctive brand identity and standing out in a crowded market. In line with our brand strategy, we have chosen to concentrate on developing aesthetically engaging experiences and disseminating them via social media.


Current competition and upcoming objectives

A unique and cutting-edge idea that distinguishes us from the competition is essential for aspiring food and beverage entrepreneurs. The secret to success has a distinct vision and target market. The sector may be challenging regarding cash flow, so it’s crucial to have a robust financial strategy. As well as being able to react to shifting trends and customer requests, it’s critical to have a solid grasp of the market and the target audience. Even though cloud kitchen models might be affordable, it’s crucial to consider diversifying your revenue streams by having a physical shop or catering services. In the long run, it’s critical to establish a solid brand reputation through first-rate customer service and constant high-quality products. 


Our long-term growth goals include building out the company-owned locations in Delhi and opening up more extensive franchises and more places in other Indian cities. To keep the menu exciting and attract more consumers, we also aim to add fresh and distinctive tea tastes and mixes. We also plan to increase the delivery services and internet presence to reach a larger audience. On an online shopping site, we would promote the offline tea business. Once the company is established, it wants to penetrate the ready-to-drink beverage market. By providing our consumers with a distinctive and pleasurable experience, we hope to become a significant force in the tea and beverage sector.

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Our endeavours to distinguish Teavaro and reach landmarks

Our team’s success in the congested café depended on Teavaro’s distinctive brand. With outstanding options, premium ingredients, and first-rate customer service, we knew how important it was to stand out. Our team has been able to differentiate itself from the competition by concentrating on developing a modern tea house experience that goes beyond typical masala chai and integrates tea influences from other locations worldwide. We employ a hands-on production process to achieve excellent quality control and only utilize premium ingredients throughout internal preparation. We have been able to satisfy various clients’ tastes by providing a wide selection of tea bases and toppings. 


Particularly in the neighborhoods around Hudson Lane and DU North Campus, Teavaro has built a significant foothold in the Delhi market. There are a lot of return customers, both in-store and online, as a consequence of the focus on utilizing premium products and offering first-rate customer care. We have noticed a constant growth in foot traffic despite the expensive rates since people value the quality experience we have to provide. We anticipate even more development in the upcoming months with the recent inauguration of the second location in Punjabi Bagh.


Wrapping up 

We hope to revolutionize Indians’ tea-drinking practices using Teavaro. Our team aims to become the “Starbucks for Tea” by creating specialized tea blends inspired by various locations worldwide, using our specialized teapresso technology, and serving them solely in coffee-related formats.


Story Lesson from the Tea Franchise

Success is more likely to come to those who put in the effort to make it happen than those who wait for the right moment but lose the opportunity to overcome the obstacle. This upbeat philosophy of balancing one’s success with that of the team and the project one works on inspires Ayush Goel and his teams. Future-oriented tactics consistently outperform those that are present-oriented. 

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