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10 Upcoming Restaurant Franchise Names In India

The Indian palate is one of the most advanced ones in the world, so our love for diverse cuisines from different corners of the world is self-explanatory. Restaurants with innovative concepts and delectable foods are always well-received in India. So, owning a restaurant franchise is very profitable here. As a result, there are several franchises in this sector, but let’s look at the top 10 names dominating the Indian food industry this year and explore their journeys so far.

Top 10 upcoming restaurant franchise names in the country

Some restaurant franchises are well-known across India, and some are emerging as industry leaders due to their fresh ideas and planned execution. Here’s a list of the best names offering restaurant franchises in India.

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Doner & Gyros

Shawarmas are the new food fad that took over the internet in the last few years. So, Doner & Gyros got their chance to expand their casual fast-food restaurant chain. Reasonably priced and nutritious items with unique flavors gave Doner & Gyros all it needed to succeed in the Indian market. Bringing the street food of Berlin and Chicago to India, this restaurant gives people a chance to try flavors from different lands and is getting more popular each day. Gen-Z and millennial crowds are always open to trying something new, and Doner & Gyros will likely become their new favorite.

Hudson Chopsticks

Pan-Asian cuisine appeals to the tastebuds of almost everyone, and a restaurant that provides good dishes is bound to succeed. Hudson Chopsticks is one such restaurant that offers dine-in, takeaway, and delivery options ensuring the highest standards each time. Requiring only 400-800 square feet for a single outlet and an initial investment of 25 lacs INR, this franchise plans to go Pan-India and open many new outlets. This expansion is to occur systematically and phase-by-phase to ensure a higher success rate.

Indus Flavour

Indians have one of the largest vegetarian populations in the world. This fact calls for easy access to good-quality veg meal options. Indus Flavour spearheads the task of providing Indian vegetarian comfort foods with a touch of uniqueness. It started in Delhi and has already won the hearts of many Delhiites with its lip-smacking options. They also have a delivery app for people who want to have their favorite food in the comfort of their homes.


This restaurant franchise speaks to the heart of every tea lover. The franchise has its outlets in Delhi and plans to expand in the Delhi NCR area with its 8% royalty model. Its menu focuses on providing unique tea blends using the finest ingredients and including diverse and highly palatable items. The massive success of Teavaro is rooted in its unique concept and effortless execution. An initial investment of 25-60 lacs INR and an area of 350-1000 square feet is enough to start one outlet. 


With fusion cuisines gaining popularity, there are only a few options for authentic food. Daryaganj is a restaurant chain focusing on North Indian cuisine and traditional recipes. Their vision is to preserve the legacy of Punjabi food and delicacies. The investment required for one outlet is on the higher side, and so is the area. But considering what it brings to the table, it’s worth it.


Subway sandwiches can be a quick grab-and-go option for many who are running late or don’t have the patience to have a whole dining experience. This franchise is doing fine in India with highly customizable sandwich choices and reasonable costs. However, introducing options more friendly to the Indian palate would help.


QD is a fantastic place to chill with friends with delicious food in Hudson Lane. The ambiance is for one to enjoy and make some good memories in. The initial investment for QD is moderate to high. However, the premium quality services are worth the costs. This franchise is setting its expansion goals high for the upcoming years. It has all the ingredients required for long-term success in the franchise world. So, getting a QD franchise is a good idea for budding entrepreneurs.


Paparizza is the go-to destination for getting a premium pizza and bar experience for millennial and gen-z audiences. The entire experience is very instagrammable and picturesque. Nothing talks of a good time like having a fresh wood-fired oven pizza slice and sipping beer with your friends. This restaurant guarantees a delicious and hearty meal because it prepares every portion with great love and care. The initial investment for opening a Paparizza outlet is INR 1.1-1.25 Cr, and the area required is 1500 square feet.

Little Chef

Starting in 2007, Little Chef has grown to become one of the most successful multi-cuisine restaurant franchises in India. They currently operate 8 outlets across Delhi NCR and plan on expanding further. Their customer base is probably the widest of the lot due to the sheer range of their menu options. You’ll need moderate investment and a 500 square feet area to get a Little Chef franchise. 

Spezia Bistro

The idea of a cafe that serves as an ideal spot to hang out for students during the day and transforms into a multicuisine dining spot in the evening sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Spezia bistro does both of these things and requires an initial investment of INR 1.5-3 Cr and a spacious area of 2000-5000 square feet. This franchise falls in the premium category and provides families and students with a memorable dining experience.


Although our list is limited to these 10 options, several other restaurants are still breaking through the competition and ruling over the Indian food market. New ideas, instagrammable aesthetics, and exciting menu options will serve as the recipe for success in the next 5 years. Indian consumers are more aware now than ever. So, fresh concepts executed with high standards will pave the way for the success of a restaurant franchise in the upcoming years. 




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