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Top 5 Profitable Preschool Franchise Names in India

Education is the most fundamental priority of any society, and we sow the seeds for a promising future by providing good quality education to our kids. Preschool education forms the foundation of one’s academic life and is every kid’s first time in a social learning environment. So, it’s no surprise that a preschool franchise is a very lucrative business to have. Aside from the profitability, they carry the noble cause of equipping little learners with knowledge. Here we’ll be elaborating on the highly successful preschool franchises in India and how they got there.

Factors That Make Preschool Franchise A Good Investment

Several characteristics make preschool franchises great business opportunities. Here are some of them. 

Significantly higher ROI 

Preschool franchises offer very high ROI, exceeding 50% in some cases.  Even in a slow economy, education is one sector that doesn’t suffer much because learning doesn’t stop. It takes moderate to low investment to start such a franchise, which is even better. This high return on investment is also due to an institution’s enrolment strength, which usually stays the same or grows annually.

Everlasting demand

There’ll never be a time when kids don’t need to learn anymore. Sure, there may be new teaching methods and other transformations, but learning will never disappear. The non-volatile nature of this sector directly explains its higher ROI. Investing in a preschool franchise holds long-term potential for expansion and attractive profits.

Preschool is one of the first social experiences of a child. Learning via interaction and fun games helps in cognitive advancement and enhancing social skills. So, parents want their kids to be admitted to a preschool when the time comes so that the foundation for future education is well-set. So, the demand for acclaimed education places will always exist at the same level, even during slow national economic progress.

Less demanding and easy to break even

Setting up and running a preschool is less cumbersome than franchises in other sectors. During the building process, the franchisor takes you through all the steps and ensures standards of their brand are met. So, you don’t need to work extra hard here. Everything about it is already tried and experimented with. So, the risks run low, and unexpected problems are less likely. When there’s less scope for mistakes, you can meet your targets sooner and break even easier. As a result, work has less stress, and profits keep accumulating with time.

Getting prospects is easy

Since enrollments aren’t severely fluctuating, prospect hunting isn’t an issue with preschool franchises. Once a student enrolls, they mostly don’t leave before a session ends. Plus, if the experience and education provided are good, new prospects come quickly through word-of-mouth marketing. Hence, you can reduce the budget for marketing to a minimum in these franchises. 

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Top 5 Preschool Franchises in India

Play School franchises have existed for many decades now. Some have managed to be more popular than others, and for good reasons. Here’s our list of the best preschool franchises in India. 

ABC Montessori 

This preschool uses Montessori methods to assist the kid in the early stages of education. As a result, this offers every child space for learning and development at a comfortable pace. It’s one of the best preschool franchises in India due to the new and innovative methods it advocates. This low investment opportunity requires only INR 5-6 lacs, 10% royalty, and an area of 1600-32000 square feet to start a center. The scope for expansion is throughout India, becoming more popular every year and increasing enrollments.

Little Millenium

Little Millenium is one of the earliest preschool franchise names in India. They use holistic and multi-sensory approaches to help children learn more efficiently and retain knowledge well. The pedagogical methods include group activities and educational games that help create a highly active learning environment. This is one of the most profitable preschool franchises to date. These require INR 10-15 lacs of investment and 2000-2500 square feet of space. The royalty charged is 10% only, making it a great business opportunity with the noble purpose of educating children in their formative years.


This is probably the most well-known preschool name in India. Kidzee is also the largest preschool chain in Asia, with over 1900 locations in 750+ cities. One of the first pioneers of ECCE( Early Childhood Care and Education), Kidzee has helped educate millions of children. If you believe in Kidzee’s idea of letting kids harness their unique potential, you can consider getting a franchise deal. You’ll need an investment of INR 12-20 lacs and 2000-3000 square feet of space. 


Shemrock is one of the oldest preschool chains in India and has been active in the market since 1989. Its long-term success is a huge indicator of its profitability. It has also won many awards and accolades for its excellent performance and valuable services. Today a Shemrock franchise for 2000 square feet of space costs INR 15-18 lacs. It’s a very low-risk investment considering the popularity it has amassed.


Eurokids also believes in letting each child learn through fun and interactive methods. With innovative and play-based learning methods, it has become one of the most successful franchises in India. The franchise economics of Eurokids is simple and moderate. An investment of INR 12-20 lacs for an area of 2000 square feet is enough to get the center running. Eurokids’ kindergarten is almost like a second home for children where they can learn and grow, all while enjoying the process.

Final Words

There are so many business opportunities out there, but getting a preschool franchise is an excellent choice because it carries the mission to educate, has high demand, and is relatively less challenging to operate. As discussed above, these factors make preschool franchises profitable and easy to break even. Entrepreneurs looking to make education their domain of operation can consider preschools as one of their best options and multiply the number of learning hubs in the country.


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