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A Step-by-Step Guide To Cracking UPSC With Unacademy

The UPSC( Union Public Service Commission) exam is one of India’s most competitive and difficult examinations, with a success rate of 0.2%. Yet the enthusiasm of Indian aspirants for cracking this exam remains undeterred. Every year lakhs of aspirants sit for this exam, hoping to be a pearl in the ocean of brilliant Indian civil servants. However, the success rate indicates clearly that very few sail through. Those who clear this exam fulfill their dreams of serving this nation and have concocted the right mix of quality and quantity in their preparation phase. 

Numerous resources are available for aspirants’ exam preparation, but Unacademy stands out due to its unmatched effectiveness in coaching students for the last couple of years. In this article, we’ll take you through a step-by-step process of cracking UPSC with Unacademy.


Why is Unacademy a saving grace for UPSC aspirants?

We’re used to hearing,”may the best man win”. But, now it’s the best man with the best resources who’ll win. We live in an era of easy accessibility to abundant resources. So, the tricky task now is to find a complete set of resources that are concise and help us work smarter, not harder. This is why cracking UPSC with Unacademy is easier than you’d think. Unacademy offers everything necessary for your prep- from top-notch faculty to doubt-solving sessions and mock tests. Any concise and complete resource is a boon for aspirants, and Unacademy might be the gold mine they need to sail through the vast syllabus of this exam. Let’s look at how to accomplish this in detail.

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A detailed guide on cracking UPSC with Unacademy 

These are the steps an aspirant needs to take to crack the UPSC:


UPSC with Unacademy

Decide between online and offline modes

Both online and offline modes have their pros and cons. Choose one that suits your requirements the best. For example, online gives you the advantage of saving time in commuting and learning from the teachers you prefer. On the other hand, in offline mode, a physical classroom environment is created that’s hard to replace, according to some. 

Stay punctual, consistent, and sincere

Showing up to classes is not a remarkable feat, but being consistent and sincere in your responsibilities and tasks every day is one. The jobs in UPSC themselves demand a lot of dedication and discipline. So including these qualities in your preparation is a good start. Unacademy offers some of the best teachers in the country. So, utilize this opportunity and focus on systematically completing the curriculum.

Take full advantage of dedicated mentorship

The preparation for a tough exam is even more challenging. So, almost every aspirant will encounter specific issues or roadblocks in this phase. That’s why Unacademy brings you dedicated mentors whose undivided attention and guidance can make a difference for many aspirants. For cracking UPSC with Unacademy, listen to your mentors and discuss your preparation problems with them. It’s incredible how much correction can be brought into someone’s preparation through minor tweaks made here and there. 

Stay interactive during classes

When you’re attending live classes, stay attentive and ask your doubts in the comments and also in doubt-solving sessions. This interaction helps correct confusions and any misconceptions you may have about a particular topic. Making the most out of your classes means you’ll need less time for revision because your concepts will be rock-solid from the beginning. 

Apart from classes, some parts of the preparation require reading the newspaper daily and reading magazines. Select a newspaper and a good magazine, read the same daily, and make short notes wherever necessary. Keep revising on the weekends to beat the competition. 

Practice, practice, and practice

For UPSC specifically, regular answer-writing practice is critical. Once you have created good basics from the lectures, refer to the standard books for each subject. Don’t opt for more than two books for a single subject to keep your preparation uncluttered. Focus on writing straight and structured answers for each question. Avoid jargon, and don’t over-describe where it’s not necessary.

Save time with revision sessions

Cracking UPSC with Unacademy is not just easy but also fun. Revision sessions will help you save time and revise smartly. Go for multiple revision sessions in a periodic sense to retain all concepts. The syllabus for this exam is vast, so remembering each concept in detail isn’t easy. The only way to master everything is through consistent and effective revisions. Revise weekly and then bi-monthly to stay in touch with everything.

Solve previous years’ questions and mock tests

Once you’re done with the theory and have revised all concepts, go for previous years’ questions and mock tests to take your preparation to the next level. Unacademy offers question-solving sessions and test series, both beneficial and inexpensive resources. Use mock test results as a propellant, not a demotivating factor, to stay on track and emotionally balanced. The quality of question-solving sessions offered by Unacademy is arguably one of the best resources available in the country. So, attend as many as possible, track your scores, and improve from the feedback.


 These steps should be sufficient for cracking UPSC with Unacademy for any aspirant. 


A balanced preparation can only happen with a balanced mind. Keep your thoughts focused, and learn the art and science of taking feedback without letting it push you down. There is truly no secret to success except dedicated efforts in the right direction. Cracking UPSC with Unacademy is a dream for many, but only some turn their dreams into reality because of how strenuous and demanding the preparation can get. If you learn not to let the stress crumble you, you can serve among the cream of the crop in our country and handle complex issues with ease. 


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