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Top Movies ft. Entrepreneur (Part 2)

Again, hello, Entrepreneur. Where we left off in today’s blog, we’ll continue there. As the series progresses, we’ll assemble a list of entrepreneurially oriented videos that we enjoy.

The Devil Wears Prada (2006 film)
IMDb score: 6.9/10

Starring are Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway.
In this movie, Lauren Weisberger plays an assistant to Vogue editor Anna Wintour. The same-titled novel was written by Weisberger.
Despite being semi-fictional, it is rife with fashion allusions and shows the brutality of the fashion business. It emphasises how important it is to uphold your principles and ethics in order to be genuine to yourself.
Andy, who was working her way up the corporate ladder as Miranda Priestly’s assistant, knew when to step back. Andy achieved success in a totally different area because she thoroughly researched the fashion sector. She tried to mix with others and acquired a makeover, but she ultimately made the decision to leave after learning about the shadowy side of the same world. In addition, it illustrates the value of confidence. Anyone can tell Miranda Priestly is the boss because she radiates a particular aura.
One must always believe in themselves. Confidence is the key to success in the end. If you want to survive in the world of entrepreneurship, you must learn to adapt to changes. Finding an ally and seizing opportunities as an entrepreneur are also essential.


Wall Street, 1987

IMDb rating: 7.34/10

Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen star.
The financial area and the Wall Street way of life are still represented in this movie, even though it was released three decades ago. You can learn plenty about the harmful impacts of greed from this movie.
Bud Fox, a rookie Wall Street broker, approaches Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas), a high-powered, tremendously successful entrepreneur (but nasty and greedy) broker. Fox fulfils his ideal, provides him with intimate knowledge, and eventually starts working for him. Although he earns a lot of money working for Gekko, once he learns about his immoral behaviour, he is determined to eliminate him.
This movie still captures Wall Street and how the wealthy still aspire to wealth thirty years later. Although Gekko and Bud are two sides of the same coin, Bud still retained some morals, but Gekko had completely lost them in his quest for wealth.
This movie shows us that while little amounts of greed can be used as inspiration to succeed, excessive greed can have serious negative effects. Additionally, a business owner should keep in mind to live within their means and forego pointless expenditures.

The Aviator – 2004

IMDb rating: 7.5/10
Cate Blanchett and Leonardo DiCaprio
An intriguing movie has Leonardo DiCaprio in it. This movie chronicles the tale of Howard Hughes, a director and aviation pioneer, and is based on Charles Higham’s book Howard Hughes: The Secret Life.
The finest adjectives to use to describe Howard Hughes are visionary, successful entrepreneur, obsessive, and mad. Hughes was a person who had an impact on both aviation and film. Hughes lived by the simple adage, “Never stop.” He took significant risks since he had no other options, and as a result, he was successful and received enormous benefits. Hughes was the epitome of genius; he always managed to come up with a wonderful solution just as everything was about to go apart.
He was a brilliant eccentric who managed his company while having OCD. He had a mental illness, therefore his thinking was different from others’. He preserved them since he had his own goals and strategies.
Numerous advantages might result from paying close attention to even minute details.
Always be aware of the people you want to work with, and put the greatest team around you.

Pirates Of Silicon Valley (1999)
IMDb rating: 7.3/10

Starring are Anthony Michael Hall and Noah Wyle.
This biographical movie, which is based on the book Fire in the Valley, follows both of the characters as they become entrepreneurs as they set out to create two of the biggest companies in the world.
Their co-founders, Steve Wozniak and Steve Ballmer, who are close friends with Gates and Jobs, tell the parallel stories.
It chronicles the achievements and mishaps of the youthful innovators who created a sector of the economy that the preceding generation could not have fathomed. Steve was passionate about his work, and his ultimate objective was to cause a stir and revolutionise the computer industry. He was constantly learning, researching, and making new discoveries. He never gave up on the thing he loved the most, even after countless setbacks and rejections.
However, Gates, a Harvard graduate, was a computer nerd from the beginning and helped his friend Paul Allen start Microsoft. In the end, he developed an operating system and sold IBM the rights to sell it to other businesses. Although these brilliant minds were responsible for the computer revolution, the employees at Xerox earned the original credit, which is why the movie is called “Pirates of Silicon Valley.”
Amazing discoveries can occur at any time and anywhere. It is essential for you to keep a positive working relationship with your staff as an entrepreneur.

An engineer by qualification, Gaurav started his career in sales and marketing due to his affinity towards networking with people. After learning the tips and tricks of the trade, he made a fresh start as an entrepreneur in the franchising industry back in early 2018, with a vision to bring order and transparency to an unorganized sector. He founded and spearheaded Frankart Global Private Limited, where he consulted, developed, and scaled more than 120 domestic and international brands all over India ranging from different industries such as food & beverage, beauty & wellness, and FMCG retail to name a few. Post-Covid, in mid-2021, he developed FranDocX, India’s first ready-to-use franchise documentation service portal, for the MSME entrepreneurs who were severely affected by the pandemic, and wanted to avail an affordable franchise solution service. His aim is to regularize ethical business practices in the franchising sector so that a greater number of investors can participate and avail the benefits of a structured franchise framework.

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