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All the Information You Need to Start a Beauty and Wellness Business in India

All the Information You Need to Start a Beauty and Wellness Business in India

By 2025, it is anticipated that the Indian beauty sector would be worth more than $20 billion. This implies that India’s beauty and wellness industries would keep expanding in the years to come. From even Indians, whose purchasing patterns are seen as unpredictable, the beauty industry is making stronger profits; this might be a result of the expanding youthful population and the middle class’s higher disposable income. Consequently, now is the ideal moment to launch a beauty business in India, which was previously a terrifying proposition.

If you are passionate about it and have the determination to succeed, you may start your own profitable business. Let’s first take a look at the Indian beauty and wellness industry’s status in the nation before disclosing the requirements to launch a profitable business as well as prospective business ideas.

An Overview of India’s Beauty and Wellness Sector

Both the Indian consumer market and its economy have seen a consistent growth rate over the past several years. As a result, the beauty and wellness market in India is expanding twice as quickly as the markets in the US and Europe. Demand is at an all-time high in the business, whether it be for beauty salons, spas, or beauty items.

Entrepreneurs should be aware of the forces that control the beauty and wellness industries since doing so might prove to be a lucrative venture. You must initially concentrate on implementing a balanced method to scale – up, such as franchising, in order to make your organisation successful. As an alternative to limiting your product selection to a single brand, you might want to think about using a multi-brand strategy. This commercial strategy is considered as the ideal means of breaking into marketplaces with various client categories.

Spending time and money on increasing consumer awareness and trust is another thing that will benefit you. Once you begin to understand your clients’ wants, you may also think about developing a premiumization approach. Finally, create creative cost pressure management strategies.

Important factors influencing the expansion of the beauty and wellness sector

India’s beauty and wellness sector is not what it was ten years ago. Even during times of a worldwide economic slump, it has expanded significantly and shows no signs of slowing down. The main forces for this consistent increase are as follows:

  • Increased demand for flexible goods
  • Innovation
  • Growing number of young people
  • Increased knowledge about lifestyle diseases and mental illnesses
  • Changes in society
  • Increased consumer income
  • Growth in tier 2 and tier 3 cities
  • Availability of the internet

Ideas for Businesses in the Beauty and Wellness Sector

The opportunities in this sector are limitless, since you can frequently launch a business model based on your love of wellness and beauty even if you lack a professional background in the subject. The following opportunities can support you in building a fantastic career:

  • Cosmetic blogging
  • Salon/spa
  • Hair and makeup styling
  • Nail salon
  • A skin clinic
  • Manufacturing of cosmetics
  • Weight-loss facility
  • Fitness facility
  • Cosmetics retailer
  • Yoga centre
  • How to Create a Beauty and Wellness Company from Scratch in India

Choose your niche: Although the business is changing, not every opportunity is suitable for every entrepreneur. In this field as in any other, you must conduct careful study before making any significant decisions. Decide the industry you want to enter, and then draught a business strategy.

Developing a specialty does not imply that you will just provide your consumers with one service or item. It clarifies your brand’s purpose and positioning. The atmosphere, age groups to target, the creation of a subculture, etc. may all be worked on after the industry and niche have been chosen. This will offer your company a distinct personality and draw in more clients.

Prioritize quality over quantity: The majority of consumers view health and beauty services as a luxury rather than a need. Therefore, it becomes everyone’s responsibility in the sector to offer consumers the highest quality. Establish a company that is dedicated to offering top-notch services that will aid in client retention. Make use of high-quality furnishings, tools, and supplies. Ensure that your spa or retail space is always spotless while fostering a tranquil atmosphere.

Be aware of the rules: The danger of personal harm in the beauty business is extremely considerable. Your whole company might be lost due to a burn from using your brand’s moisturiser, a muscle strain from a deep-tissue massage, or damaged hair from a rebonding procedure. Additionally, it could have a negative impact on the customer’s health. Go over all the essential rules and adhere to them at all costs to ensure a successful business and the security of your consumers. Get licenced, get covered by insurance, and take responsibility for your actions.

Have confidence in your product: Whatever the industry, it is generally accepted that until you have confidence in it, no one else will. Make sure you have faith in your product before you launch a business, whether it be to offer weight loss supplements or aromatherapy oils. Instill the same confidence in the remainder of your personnel as well as your sales team. The management of your company will go more smoothly if you understand why your product performs or how to get it operate. You would have an advantage by taking a brief course, learning more, and improving your interpersonal skills.

Train and groom your employees: Since they are the face of your brand. Your crew must thus act the role. Who, after all, would want to purchase cosmetics from a SA with subpar makeup abilities or enrol in a club with unsuitable fitness instructors? Â

Provide the most information about your goods and services, focus on improving your staff’s communication abilities, and train them in the art of self-grooming. This will enhance the reputation of your company and convince customers to trust your goods and services.

Open accounts with wholesalers: Wholesalers are essential to the management of inventories in retail operations. Before you launch your new company, do some research on wholesalers, their product lines, and choose the one that will provide you with the best value. Here, networking is crucial since you’ll need it for everything, including supplies, equipment, and goods to sell. It should also go without saying that you should keep an eye on the items’ quality.

Adapt to shifting trends: Innovation is the key to surviving in the very cutthroat and competitive market. It helps build a new consumer base in addition to keeping returning customers interested. So make sure to stay up to date with all the newest fashions, business developments, and product introductions. Continue to improve your abilities and impart the same knowledge to your crew.

Create a marketing strategy: Even the most cutting-edge goods or in-demand services won’t sell unless your marketing strategy is solid. Make sure you concentrate on a strong marketing plan, regardless of whether you need to think for 20 hours each day, employ a marketing expert, or outsource.

The following marketing fads are essential for mastering:

  • Boost your internet presence via websites, advertisements, and social media
  • Bring in well-known influencers
  • Give out user-generated material
  • Offer localization, alterations, and alterations
  • Interactive marketing
  • Other Strategies for Launching a Beauty and Wellness Company

Join an at-home service: The four Cs of on-demand health and beauty services are price, flexibility, comfort, and coupons. If you don’t have the money for a salon or store, this business strategy is ideal for freelancers. These sign-up services include instruction, merchandise, and marketing. Additionally, they provide you with leads for potential clients to whom you may pitch your services.

Franchise: Beauty and wellness franchises are ideal for both newcomers and those without a distinctive product offering. Franchises are recognised toward being low-risk and highly profitable businesses since they are founded on tried-and-true business models. The likelihood of success is higher, especially in the field of beauty and health, because consumers frequently stick with their preferred brands.

The government, oversight organisations, and well-established companies have worked together to increase the industry’s total sustained income and profit over the years. By presenting customers with cutting-edge ideas, businesses are also developing a distinctive character. According to current trends, companies that deal with several product offerings and sub-brands are able to dominate their respective markets. If you intend to join the market, make sure you experiment and develop a product combination that meets the demands of the customers to feel good about themselves and look good. Please fill out this form to contact us if you have any questions regarding beauty and wellness franchise opportunities in India.


An engineer by qualification, Gaurav started his career in sales and marketing due to his affinity towards networking with people. After learning the tips and tricks of the trade, he made a fresh start as an entrepreneur in the franchising industry back in early 2018, with a vision to bring order and transparency to an unorganized sector. He founded and spearheaded Frankart Global Private Limited, where he consulted, developed, and scaled more than 120 domestic and international brands all over India ranging from different industries such as food & beverage, beauty & wellness, and FMCG retail to name a few. Post-Covid, in mid-2021, he developed FranDocX, India’s first ready-to-use franchise documentation service portal, for the MSME entrepreneurs who were severely affected by the pandemic, and wanted to avail an affordable franchise solution service. His aim is to regularize ethical business practices in the franchising sector so that a greater number of investors can participate and avail the benefits of a structured franchise framework.

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