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The 5 Best Food Franchises in India With Cost

The 5 Best Food Franchises in India and Their Prices

India is a country of passionate people, and some of its greatest passions have given rise to some of its largest companies. Consider the sports of cricket and film, both of which depend on consumers’ willingness to engage their time, money, and resources in endeavours that extend beyond their immediate needs. The food business is another sector that fully depends on consumers’ passion.

The f&b sector, which has a variety of both Indian and foreign brands, has emerged as one of the most lucrative markets for both seasoned investors and first-time business owners. The various franchise business options in India are also one of the safest methods to enter the sector.

The 5 Best Food Franchises In India And Their Prices
Burger King franchise
Subway franchise
Kathi Junction franchise
Starbucks franchise
Sankalp Restaurants

Here are some of the most expensive and top-rated food franchises in India:

Burger King

Burger King is the second-largest brand of burger restaurants in the world and is particularly well-known for being the “Home of the Whopper.” It has grown to be one of the largest successful projects in the qsr sector, sating the appetites of over 11 million consumers every day. It was established in 1954 with the intention of offering high-quality cuisine that was affordable. Despite being influenced by McDonald’s, Burger King immediately gained popularity and distinguished itself as a distinct brand.

Burger King did something it had never done before when it entered the Indian market—its 100th market—by giving the master franchisee the discretion to change the menu. Because of how well-received the new vegetarian menu created for Indian consumers was, Burger King is eager to implement it internationally. Today, its stores may be found in every big market, mall, and metro station in Mumbai and Delhi-NCR, in addition to having a large number of stores in tier 2 towns. 750–1500 square feet of space are needed to open a Burger King franchise, and the startup cost is INR 2.5 crore. one of India’s top culinary franchises.


Indian consumers are slowly but definitely migrating toward healthier food options, but they are also reluctant to give up the allure of a well-known brand. The Subway franchise enters the picture here. The improbable team of nuclear scientist Dr. Peter Buck and first-year college student Fred DeLuca founded Subway in 1965, and it currently boasts the impressive record of being among the 500 most lucrative franchisees for the most number of years. The fastest-growing international food franchise is Subway, which has more than 41,000 locations in 111 countries.

The secret to Subway’s success is its dedication to pleasing customers by preparing and presenting fresh, delectable sandwiches right next to them. In order to open a Subway franchise location, you need a space of between 600 and 1000 square feet, an initial expenditure of at least INR 35 lakhs, and an 8% royalty fee. Although it has recently seen some worldwide volatility, the brand’s future appears promising in India. one of India’s top culinary franchises.

Kathi Junction

Navneet Sajwan united his two loves—food and business—and the result was Kathi Junction, a refuge for ardent followers of experimental Indian cuisine. It is an example of specialised franchising in the F&B sector and revolves mostly around a certain product, namely kathi rolls. With 150+ franchise locations spread over 25 states, Kathi Junction has swiftly expanded throughout the country from a single fast service restaurant to a well-known brand. More significantly, it has made a name for itself in popular culture.

One of the rare franchises that has the same amount of praise from both consumers and franchise owners is Kathi Junction. Kathi Junction stands out thanks to their very investor-friendly franchising concept, which provides chef support and a dynamic menu that can be tailored according to the preferences of the local community. The entry-level franchise express model, which is best described as a kiosk, costs INR 7 Lacs, and the royalty is set at 4% of net sale value. one of India’s top culinary franchises.


India’s consumption of coffee has unexpectedly increased during the past 20 years. The rise of the coffee culture led to the development of Indian companies like Barista and Caf Coffee Day, making the absence of the largest coffee chain on the planet unavoidable. Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, and Gordon Bowker, three college professors, started Starbucks in 1971. As a brand, Starbucks has its origins in literature about the legendary seas, as shown by its well-known siren emblem (twin-tailed mermaid from Greek mythology). Additionally, the coffee chain’s initial name was Starbuck, in honour of Captain Ahab’s first mate from “Moby Dick.” The firm went public in 1990, and it wasn’t until later when they dabbled in franchising that an extra “s” was added to the name.

Starbucks’ commitment to making each cup of coffee perfect is their USP. The boast of “high grade coffee” does bode well with a “Love your beverage or let us know, we’ll make it right” policy. Appropriately dubbed “Second wave coffee,” it has elevated dark roasted artisanal coffee to a popular status. As of 2019, Starbucks is the biggest coffee chain in the world, with 157 stores in India and more than 22,000 worldwide. To start a Starbucks franchise, you need to put in between INR 1.5 and 3.5 crore and occupy an area that is 1000 to 4500 square feet larger than others. one of India’s top culinary franchises.

Sankalp Restaurant

Sankalp Restaurant, the first specialised Indian eatery to appear twice in the Guinness Book of World Records, is already recognised as an international success. The world’s longest dosa is the record in dispute. Sankalp has been providing the greatest South Indian food ever since it opened its first location in Ahmedabad. The USP of this restaurant is a genuine culinary experience, an ethnic table arrangement, and exceptional service.

Kura Mura Dosa, Kaikari Biryani, Telangana Aloo, Three Barrel Dosa, and Idiyappam are just a few of the unusual foods that Sankalp frequently offers while being true to its ethnic traditions and being willing to try new things. The chain currently has more than 150 locations throughout seven nations. A carpeted space of 1000–2500 square feet and an expenditure of between INR 40 Lacs and INR 1 Crore are prerequisites for a Sankalp franchise.

These are only five of the most well-known franchise options and details for Indian food. With in Indian market, there are hundreds more brands searching for investors, so everyone has a chance to advance and do well. Fill out this form to contact us if you are seeking for any low-cost franchise business possibilities in India.

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