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Sisavan Wine Factory

Franchise Requirements

Franchise Model:
Area Required:
As per stock
Area For Expansion:
PAN India
Min. Investment:
1 FCL (Full Container Load)
Max. Investment:

About The Company

Offering Liquor Distributorship in India

The winery known as Sisavan may be found in the province of Sisavan, which is found in the Ararat area of the Republic of Armenia. The location of the settlement of Sisavan can be found in the heart of the Ararat Valley. The Ararat Valley is often regarded as the place where grapes were first cultivated and winemaking began on a global scale.
2002 was the year that saw the beginning of construction on the Sisavan Wine Factory, however the public registration didn't take place until 2006. Up until the year 2006, a significant amount of construction activity was carried out. Grape harvesting, the production of alcohol, and malting were among the first activities that the organisation undertook in 2006. Grape storage capacity initially ranged from 500 to 1000 tonnes per year when the organisation was first established. Up until the year 2015, the organisation was responsible for malting alcohol. 2015 marked the beginning of the production of cognac.
As a result, the company made extensive preparations to join the market, doing everything that was necessary to do so, including constructing production buildings, workshops, and storage facilities as well as acquiring the most recent technologies. Today, the business is in a position to confidently assert that the Sisavan wine plant is prepared to enter any regional market and already occupies a distinctive position within that market.
The business now has a contract with Russia, is about to sign a deal with China, and is exploring the possibility of entering the market for liquor distributorship in India.
Another interesting endeavour that the Sisavan Wine Factory has been working on over the past few years is the planting of its very own grape, apricot, and mulberry gardens.

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