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PAN India
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INR 25 Lacs
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About The Company

Offering Atmospheric Water Generator Distribution in India

The “Planets Water” atmospheric water generator, often known as the “air to water” or “water from air” miracle water machine, produces fresh everyday drinking water from the air. More than one billion people already have either very limited or no access to pure drinking water in a world where the United Nations estimates that the global water demand doubles every twenty years. The amount of fresh water that is currently available is predicted to be outstripped by 56% by the year 2025 due to rising demand. The most valuable resource on earth is getting harder to find. The $100 billion a year, completely unregulated bottled water industry is struggling to survive as “bottled water” is being banned and outlawed from east to west due to increasing contamination of bottled water plastic. Consumer groups have issued numerous warnings about a variety of microorganisms and chemicals found in bottled water. Tap water has also been held responsible for 41 million US citizens being supplied with water that was proven to be contaminated. The Solution: We offer the purest, freshest drinking water through Planet’s Water, which is derived from the same air that we breathe.

Water scarcity issues are becoming a daily occurrence on news broadcasts around the world as demand for our most valuable resource rises uncontrollably, and PlanetsWater Corp. works to discover the best solutions imaginable. PlanetsWater Corp. promotes and sells atmospheric water generators that only need power and don’t need plumbing, water lines, or pipes. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, there are approximately 3,100 cubic miles of water in the atmosphere at any given time, most of it as water vapour but also in the form of clouds or precipitation. You can now access this resource to create your own natural, fresh, pure water using larger commercial appliances and AWG home/office atmospheric water producers. A multi-stage reverse osmosis filtering system creates deliciously fresh clean water using PlanetsWater Corp.’s innovative technology, which also collects water from the air through dehumidification. This water is the purest water on the planet.

You can now be in complete control of the quality of your drinking water and the safety of your family’s health thanks to PlanetsWater, which manufactures devices for home and office use that will produce 15 ltrs – 100 ltrs per day of drinking water out of outdoor air in a way that is completely independent of any type of centralised water supply system like bottling plants or municipalities.

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