Healthy Food Restaurant


Franchise Requirements

Franchise Model:
Area Required:
600-800 set
Area For Expansion:
Min. Investment:
Max. Investment:

About The Company

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Offering Healthy Food Restaurant Franchise in India
Parafit has been the leader in healthy meal delivery space with 6+ years and 70+ team including in house dieticians who help people achieve their fitness goals through delicious and personalised foods. With over 350+ menu options Parafit actually listens to what the customers need. Favourite indulgences {like soya chaap, malai chicken tikka etc) have been made healthy and nutritious. With over 50k+ transformations Parafit helps manage diabetes. thyroid, other lifestyle diseases naturally. Parafit offers unique subscription model where food is delivered daily tailored to an individual's fitness goals ensuring greater word-mouth marketing.

Parafit aims to conquer new territories in Delhi NCR and India with a tech-enabled hub and spot model, thereby redefining healthy dining with an aim to open 15+ retail franchise outlets in the region. Parafit ensures consistent quality and taste across all outlets with a centralized base kitchen. Also aiming to provide more than just a meal and offering an experience with a natural and earthy ambience enhancing the dining experience, ensuring that the customers keep coming back for more.

Parafit will also forge partnerships with fitness professionals to tap into synergies. From yoga sessions to mental wellness workshops, retail outlets become hubs for holistic health and wellness, all available at your own healthy food restaurant. Ideal outlet shall be designed for tranquility. Natural elements and warm tones create a calming atmosphere. Seamless blending of timeless design with modern furnishings for a sophisticated look. To discover healthy and delicious menu options, the brand offers zero-carb dim sum, sweet potato pizzas, and more, with the presentation being highly instagrammable. And to Indulge your sweet tooth guilt-free, the live counter will offer nutritious and delicious desserts.

All meals are prepared in large batches in the central kitchen, ensuring uniformity and quality. A specialized cold-blasting process seals in freshness and preserves nutritional integrity. Meals are delivered daily/weekly to retail outlets via refrigerated vans, guaranteeing peak freshness. And regular audits maintain the highest standards, ensuring only the best ingredients make it to your plate via your own healthy food restaurant.
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