Pharmacy Franchise


Franchise Requirements

Franchise Model:
Area Required:
130 sq. ft.
Area For Expansion:
PAN India
Min. Investment:
INR 3.5 Lacs
Max. Investment:
INR 5 Lacs

About The Company

Offering Pharmacy Franchise in India

MedZone, which opened its first pharmacy in Bangalore, is one of the largest pharmacy chains in India, serving thousands of consumers daily. Its outlets are conveniently positioned just a few feet away from the clients' houses and carry a vast assortment of prescription medications and other FMCG items. Multiple locations offer home delivery for your convenience. MedZone believes in providing clients with fair prices and treatment. It offers various discounts on all pharmaceuticals and ordinary FMCG products to all of its consumers. Dr. Ethix Products and Service Pvt. Ltd. founded Medzone with the intention of providing affordable and high-quality medicine to the masses. It is a well-known fact and reality that all medicines are sold for almost ten times their cost of production. Due to the availability of different brands and formulas, the final consumer product has become pricey and unaffordable. In order to dispel this misconception, Medzone has established a pharmacy franchise chain and a robust internet presence throughout India. Consumers can reach out to the nearest store or purchase drugs online, with the company offering exceptionally reasonable prices and discounts. In India, the MedZone pharmacy franchise is the destination of choice for over one thousand consumers every day. The MedZone pharmacy franchise business concept provides you with monopoly rights, equity ownership, independence, administration of your own business, and long-lasting relationships with your clients, thereby establishing a profitable service industry in your desired location. Dr. Ethix has contributed to the medical and health care community for over twenty years. Make in India the concept by providing its franchise partners with the highest quality medicines. To ensure a successful and sustainable business model, Medzone has the lowest investment on the market and offers each franchise partner a plan that may be customised. Their distinctiveness is operational independence and the availability of all brand-name medications.
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