Jainson Locks

Franchise Requirements

Franchise Model:
Area Required:
300-500 sq ft
Area For Expansion:
PAN India
Min. Investment:
INR 50000
Max. Investment:
INR 20 Lacs

About The Company

Offering Retail Franchise in India

Jainson is a PAN India brand that has been providing high-quality safety and security solutions since it was established in 1965 by Mr. Prem Chand Jain. Ever since it was founded, the company has maintained its commitment to offering cutting-edge items that place a strong emphasis on both affordability and quality. With each passing day, they have attained client happiness, and by placing a significant emphasis on customer service, technology, and skill, the company has been able to create locks that are secure, trustworthy, and trendy all at the same time.

They use only high-quality raw materials that are in accordance with various international standards in the production of all of their goods. Strong and secure locks are produced by this company because of the careful attention paid to the production processes and testing procedures.
One of the most successful lock retail franchise in India is Jainson Locks, which is also widely regarded as being among the most prominent lock manufacturers in the country.
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