Franchise Requirements

Franchise Model:
Area Required:
250 - 300 sq ft
Area For Expansion:
PAN India
Min. Investment:
INR 5 Lacs
Max. Investment:
INR 8 Lacs

About The Company

Offering Preschool Franchise in India

Genius Kid is recognised as a leading academic and research institution in India. The company was founded in the year 2008. Genius Kid is the nexus of ideas that are challenging and changing the world since it is the intellectual destination that draws creative researchers and students from all over the country.
They hope that by using their one-of-a-kind methods, they will be able to increase a child’s level of concentration, higher IQ, emotional stability, enhanced creativity and intuitiveness, greater self-confidence, improved health, motor, and character, as well as photographic memory in a child. This will allow them to improve the potential that children have.
Genius Kids, a leading preschool franchise in India, has been operating successfully for a decade, making it one of the most experienced businesses in its sector.

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