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Aiming to democratise access to high-quality education by connecting Learners with Top Educators from across the nation. Presently, over 91,000 Learners have access to Live and Recorded Courses, Live Tests, quizzes, high-quality learning materials, and more, allowing them to study anytime, anywhere. In 2010, Unacademy began as a YouTube channel, and by 2015, it had evolved into a robust instructional technology platform. Throughout the years, Unacademy has expanded to become India’s largest learning platform, with over 1 million students and forty thousand live classes.
Unacademy expanded into offline classroom learning in 2022 with Unacademy Centre and offline counselling with Unacademy Stores. Currently, we are present in 10 cities across the nation, and by the end of the year, we will have expanded to 40 additional locations.

Our objective is to promote educational advancement by facilitating a complete learning experience for each student, both offline and online.

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Unacademy’s Extent:

50M+ Active Students | 1000+ Top Educators | 1B+ Minutes Viewed | 2000+ Live Classes Daily

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    Reasons To Partner

    1M+ learners and 40,000+ live classes

    Ventured into offline coaching programmes in 2022

    1000+ top educators from all across the country

    Monthly marketing expense reimbursement plan

    Hiring and training to be done by the company

    Educators meet via top rated faculty members to be conducted by the company



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    +91 9318487027

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