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The vision of Paparizza Hospitality is to become a one-stop-shop for the premium Pizza & Bar experience, with the aim of providing consumers with a high-quality, hygienic meal presented in the most Instagrammable manner possible in diverse hyperlocal neighbourhoods. Paparizza is a modern “Pizza restaurant” that serves superb wood-fired oven pizzas, as well as fresh beers and unique beverages, all of which are produced with lightning speed and are offered at incredibly affordable prices. Our mission is to provide for those who rely on us, including customers, employees, and the communities that we serve. We hold ourselves to an extremely high degree of honesty because we are conscious of the importance of trust without being aware of how easily it may be shattered. Three of the most widely used differentiating criteria in the food industry are “rapid service,” “low prices,” and “great quality.” In contrast to common knowledge, which states that only two of the three drivers may be selected, our organisation takes every attempt to provide all three. We don’t only sell pizza at Paparizza; we also sell the exhilaration that comes from engaging with others and the happiness that comes from just being happy. Our optimism, compassion, and charity distinguish us from others. We want this to be available to every one of our valued customers. We intend to create a consumer base with brand loyalty. A satisfied client may return for extra service, but a loyal customer will remain for the foreseeable future. We design interiors that enhance the “depth” of the eating experience and exteriors that carry the “story” into the surrounding surroundings. The Millennial and Generation Z viewers appreciate scenic experiences that are Instagram-friendly.

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    Reasons To Partner

    Founded in 2019, rapidly growing its customer base

    Wood-fired oven pizza served with a selection of fresh beers and wines

    More than 100+ million views on Instagram

    Amongst the top rated cafes of Delhi-NCR

    Franchisee Owned Company Operated format available for passive investors

    360º support for interior design, site finalisation, staff training, vendor allotment and marketing.

    4.3+ ★


    1500-2500 sft


    ₹1.2-1.4 Cr


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    +91 9318487027


    +91 9318487027


    Company Outlet - 2518, Ground Floor, Hudson Lane, Delhi University-GTB Nagar, New Delhi

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