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Indus Flavour

Indus Flavour has, for the better part of a decade, been able to successfully carve out a niche for itself and capture the attention of consumers in North Delhi as the place to go for speciality vegetarian dishes based on traditional North Indian cuisine. Indus Flavour has established three separate brands, one for each of the dining, delivery, and catering segments, all with the intention of achieving the same overall goal. The dining room at Indus Flavour is referred to as the “Proudly Vegetarian” in the restaurant’s tagline. The majority of items on the menu are traditional Indian fare; but, in order to cater to a wider range of consumers, the restaurant also has fusion cuisine and updated versions of classic Indian meals. It is the first business of its sort, the Indus Flavour Express Delivery Unit, located in North Delhi, to have its very own delivery app. In addition, the company uses packaging that is absolutely harmless to the environment and doesn’t cause any aggravation to the client in any way; this is done with the intention of giving our devoted consumers a beautiful packing experience. The catering service offered by Indus Flavour is referred to as Raas Gourmet Catering. We have made a name for ourselves as the go-to professionals for small celebrations ranging in size from 20 to 200 guests within our segment. Customers from a diverse variety of ages and backgrounds frequent Indus Flavour at the present time. Inviting partners for a lucrative North Indian vegetarian restaurant franchise opportunity.

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    Reasons To Partner

    Founded in 2011 by third generation of entrepreneurs

    Serving traditional North Indian cuisine with a modern twist

    More than 10,000 positive reviews on food delivery apps

    Offering authentic North Indian taste at value-for-money pricing

    Franchisee Owned Company Operated format available for passive investors

    360º support for interior design, site finalisation, staff training, vendor allotment and marketing.

    4.3+ ★


    2000-4000 sft




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    +91 9318487027


    +91 9318487027


    Company Outlet - 2510, Ground Floor, Kingsway Camp, Hudson Lane, Delhi University-GTB Nagar, New Delhi, 110009

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