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How to Launch Your Own Ice Cream Parlor

If you want to open a brand-new ice cream parlour, you must work extremely hard and put forth a lot of effort. Due to expenditures related with beginning the firm, marketing, manufacturing, and operations, among other things, your initial investment may end up being rather expensive. It would be better to have an ice cream truck or maybe a franchise for a parlour. Ice cream franchises are among the top 10 franchise businesses in India. But here is how you may open a brand-new little ice cream shop.

1) Streamline your finances

The initial setup is expensive. The cost of refrigerators, food components, home furnishings and accents, wallpaper, and other products varies. Don’t compromise on quality.

2) Make your location ideal

Consider your target audience before choosing your location. Schools, playgrounds, and markets are all crowded locations. The location must have enough seating and a welcoming atmosphere.

3) Choose your USP

Baskin-Robbins continued to provide the original 31 flavours. Giani’s prospers thanks to its affordable prices and good name. At Tanvi Chowdhri’s Papacream, ice cream is offered in flavours like hummus and is frequently served with pani-puri, lavash, and motichoor laddoo. The key is to create a differentiator for your brand—something that makes it stand out from the competition.

4) Create a Menu

Customers and company owners both benefit from a wide selection. Ensure that the menu is as enticing as the products. First impressions have a lot of power.

5) Obtain all necessary appliances

Appliances like refrigerators, cabinets for storing products, kitchenware, packing materials, backup power, etc. are absolutely necessary for a standard ice cream parlour. Make sure nothing crucial is forgotten.

6) Hire a qualified staff group

A chef or baker who specialises in ice cream, one or two cashiers, and two or three service personnel are required at first for a small parlour.

7) Increase the quality bar

In the modern world, quality is a need. Make sure everything, from the tools to the ingredients to the finished product to the packaging, is of the greatest calibre.

8) Do your paperwork correctly

These days, owning an ice cream parlour, whether independent or franchised, may be highly lucrative. But make sure you have these licences before you enter. It is necessary to have a licence for retail, commerce, municipal, FSSAI, fire, night, and a few other categories.

Since ice cream falls under the umbrella of food, the essential licences are comparable to those of a quick service restaurant.

Here is a comprehensive list:

1. Shop establishment license:

A shop establishment registration, commonly referred to as a shop licence, is a state-based registration requirement that must be fulfilled before a hotel, store, or other commercial establishment can be registered under the Shops and Establishments Act. Usually given in 30 days, this licence is valid for a year before needing to be renewed.

2. FSSAI license:

Every food business operator in the country is required to get a licence from the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India, per Section 31(1) of the FSS Act, 2006 (FSSAI). The application process and specifications are governed by the Food Safety & Standards Regulations, 2011.

3. Municipal Authority license:

According to Section 31(1) of the FSS Act, 2006, every food business operator in the nation is required to obtain a licence from the Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). The Food Safety & Standards Regulations, 2011, govern the application procedure and requirements.

4. Fire license:

According to the requirements governed by the Haryana Fire Service Act, 2009, a construction plan must have a fire licence or a no-objection certificate in order to be certified by the Haryana Urban Development Authority in order to run a business outlet in Gurgaon.

5. Night Operations License:

According to the Licensing Act of 2003, every business that offers food or drinks between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. must have a licence. Since ice cream is often eaten as a dessert, the busiest times for sales are from nine in the evening until one in the morning. It’s also a good idea to get a late-night operations licence so you may keep it open at least until 1 AM.

Each of these costs roughly INR 50,000 to buy. You risk receiving a punishment of up to INR 50,000 if you don’t obtain any of these mandatory licences. It is normally advisable that you seek the guidance and aid of a franchise consultant for more information and in-depth readings before obtaining the aforementioned licences.

You are prepared to start your own ice cream parlour once you have completed everything on this list. According to experts, purchasing an already-running ice cream franchise is preferable to starting one from scratch.

An engineer by qualification, Gaurav started his career in sales and marketing due to his affinity towards networking with people. After learning the tips and tricks of the trade, he made a fresh start as an entrepreneur in the franchising industry back in early 2018, with a vision to bring order and transparency to an unorganized sector. He founded and spearheaded Frankart Global Private Limited, where he consulted, developed, and scaled more than 120 domestic and international brands all over India ranging from different industries such as food & beverage, beauty & wellness, and FMCG retail to name a few. Post-Covid, in mid-2021, he developed FranDocX, India’s first ready-to-use franchise documentation service portal, for the MSME entrepreneurs who were severely affected by the pandemic, and wanted to avail an affordable franchise solution service. His aim is to regularize ethical business practices in the franchising sector so that a greater number of investors can participate and avail the benefits of a structured franchise framework.

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